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Champion Yourself

Embrace your inner Champion through a Change Champ Coach.

With a Change Champ Coach and determination, you can do anything!
A Change Champ Coach will notice your blind spots. If you think you’re at 100% we help you find that extra 1% to take you further to where you aspire to be. We hold you accountable to not just be great but to be greater than your expectations. Change Champ Coaching helps you identify your inner champion and create a Champion life in your own unique and authentic way.

Champion Lifestyle

Foundational Health for long term success.

The key to enduring high levels of performance and pressure on a daily basis is by creating a healthy lifestyle. This can be accomplished through positive practices that help manage your energy. Transform your mindset from “can’t do” to start enjoying things that you “can do” to thrive in life like the Champion that you are.

Perfect Imperfection

How to reword and reframe perfectionism.

Stress, fear and anxiety can rise due to the worry of trying to be perfect and never feeling quite good enough.  Participants will receive useful insights and mental tools to help minimize the stress of being perfect and reduce the need to reach unattainable high standards. 

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