A Champion culture for positive performance.

Our mission is to bring out the best in organizational, team, and human performance.

Creating mental, physical, and emotional resilience where you work, live and play.


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At Champion Change Agency we are committed to offering our clients practical and innovative tools that will foster high performing team work, positive morale, and resilience within the organization’s culture.

Why Champion Change Agency?


Because business is the ultimate sport.

Organizations are like a living, breathing organism made up of a diverse compilation of cells and dynamic energy. In these times of uncertainty, the energy in the corporate body is depleted and performance can become suboptimal.

Managers are spending over 40% of their time managing drama and fighting fires


Absenteeism is costing employers $16.6 Billion annually

Stress, anxiety, eating disorders and addictions levels have sky rocketed

Over 3 million Canadians report having a mood and/or anxiety disorder

Mental illness is the #1 reason for absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace

Obesity rates are at all-time high of over 60%

Not a great environment to win in the highly the competitive world of business.
How will you gain your competitive edge and reach your Champion potential?

By investing in the physical, mental, emotional and inspirational energy of your people. Champion Change Agency specializes in helping businesses and individuals achieve full engagement in a highly competitive world.

Like great coaches in sports, great leaders recognize that a prosperous, productive  and energetic team is the fuel for optimal performance.

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